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That's not all he's good at...

Everyone familiar with the Vikings boating incident understands that Fred Smoot is a tenth degree 21st century Renaissance man. He has many, er-uhm-golly, talents we'll say.

Add one more (Hat tip: Extreme Skins) per an Antonio Pierce Q&A:

Q: Who is the best trash talker out on the field?

A: I played with him.  Fred Smoot, hands down.  You don't even understand half the stuff that's coming out his mouth, but when that guy is going and it's the fourth quarter, people are tired, and he's still going full blast.  And all the other guys are just wondering how in the heck he's doing it.

I don't know whether this is an on-field positive or negative, but for those of us that suffer crippling carpal tunnel from blogging constantly about our favorite teams, these kinds of colorful traits -- not unlike his er-uhm-golly nautical exploits -- are golden. Smoot's trash talk is precisely the kind of thing that can endear him further to at least one Redskins fan: Me. Just don't draw a penalty, yaaaok?