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Best Quarter In Super Bowl History

Ginormous thanks to Sportz Assassin of AOL Fanhouse for finding this absolute gem: a video recap of the 2nd quarter of Super Bowl XXII when the Redskins destroyed John Elway's Denver Broncos.

He calls it the Greatest.Super Bowl.Quarter.Ever and that's not hyperbole:

In the 2nd quarter of Super Bowl XXII, the Skins piled up 35 points, 356 yards, five touchdowns and overcame the largest deficit ever [that record still stands] in Super Bowl history. In that quarter, Doug Williams completed 9 of his 11 passes for 228 yards and 4 TDs. Timmy Smith, who did nothing before or after this game, rushed five times for 122 yds and a TD. Ricky Sanders caught four passes for 168 yds and 2 TDs. You can watch the entire Redskins' offensive surge in this clip that is just under seven minutes long.
Timmy Smith (a Texas Tech graduate) would ultimately finish the game with 204 rushing yards; a Super Bowl record. Unfortunately SA accurately pegs the rest of his career -- I'm pretty sure Timmy Smith is currently incarcerated for selling cocaine.

Rickie Sanders would finish the game with 193 yards receiving and 235 total offensive yards; both Super Bowl records. The star of the Denver Broncos and a man many consider the greatest Quarterback ever to play the game would finish just 14-of-38 with 1 TD and 3 interceptions, two of them going to Barry Wilburn.

My favorite play of the below video was the Redskins on 3rd and 1 a bit past the 30 when Doug Williams fearlessly airs it out to Gary Clark who, unsurprisingly, scores. They didn't know it then, but that was the winning touchdown as Your Washington Redskins wouldn't let the Broncos score after the first quarter.

Hail (click here if you can't see the video):