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Redskin player involved in Steroids scandal could lose anonymity

Back in February I wrote briefly on a Signature Pharmacy raid in Orlando with a revealing client list; an unnamed "member of the Washington Redskins" was mentioned as a Signature customer in that investigation.

Per moral crusaders PFT per the NY Daily News, we might just get the name of that player soon:

Albany District Attorney David Soares said yesterday he will take the names of any athlete who was buying drugs from two pharmacies involved in a nationwide steroid investigation and forward them to the leagues they play for, including the National Football League and Major League Baseball. Those players ultimately could be called as witnesses against the distributors and physicians who are the targets of Soares' ongoing investigation, known as "Operation Which Doctor."
Oh snizzap investigators! What a delightful operational sobriquet. Your clever word smithery makes me wonder how you find the time to get any law enforcin' done.
"We're going to be sending (the leagues) information to vet those names, see if they are who they say they are," Soares told the Daily News yesterday. The leagues should be able to identify whether the mailing addresses and other personal information associated with clients of the two pharmacies are in fact those of athletes, athletes using aliases or other clients who used the names of athletes as aliases while ordering steroids and human growth hormone.
Which means our formerly anonymous Redskin Signature client (and the Signature Pharmacy raid is one of the two pharmacies implicated by the District Attorney) might just find himself revealed. We hope that whoever it is cooperates fully and was a client in the sanctioned sense -- where the purchased goods weren't, you know, illegal. It was just a vitamin supplement I shwear!

Hogs Haven thinks steroids are bad.