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Do we need more linebacker depth?

Maybe we do and maybe we don't, so I'm not asking this flippantly. But Sporting News mentions that as a need in a brief Redskins review:

Coach Joe Gibbs liked what he saw in Shaun Suisham as a kicker late last season. Suisham was consistent inside the 40 on field-goal attempts and has the leg to deliver a 50-plus bomb. The kicking game is solid with punter Derrick Frost as a dependable holder and Ethan Albright as a consistent long snapper. The team now can turn its attention to left guard, offensive line depth and backup linebackers.
Don't disagree about Suisham. Don't disagree about Albright. Don't disagree about needing a Left Guard and, consequently O-Line depth (gooooo Mike Pucillo!). But do we really need to expend much effort on backup linebacker? I would've mentioned the Defensive Line as that remains our biggest question mark heading into the '07 season.

Who did we lose? Warrick Holdman was replaced by Rocky McIntosh, and we picked up London Fletcher to take over ILB duties for Lemar Marshall. Marshall is about as versatile a linebacker as we have; he played CB and Safety in College. Special teams for us in '03 and '04. OLB for us (very well I might add) in '04, ILB (very well I might add) in '05, and then struggled last year. So we know he's a competent starter at every linebacker position meaning he can play behind Marcus Washington, London Fletcher, and Rocky McIntosh. We might lose Warrick Holdman and Jeff Posey to Free Agency, though I haven't heard them making big splashes elsewhere. Khary Campbell returns. We also picked up Anthony Trucks recently and, although he hasn't done much of anything in the NFL... his last name is Trucks! He named his son Anthony Mack. Trucks. Clearly this is a man who makes very good decisions.

Presuming we lose both Posey and Holdman (we might not) and acknowledging that Trucks hasn't done anything besides having a kick ass last name to warrant faith in him as a reserve, we're still two deep at every position in the linebacking unit because Marshall is so versatile. Khary Campbell has seen the field as a Washington Redskin as well, meaning we really have 5 reliable or semi-reliable LBs. Am I missing something here reader(s)? Do we need to bolster our LB unit with anything besides a cheap reserve or possibly a late round draft pick, if even that?