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Adam Archuleta 5M option delayed

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Per the Post (though it's really an article about Jason Campbell's development. It reminds readers that 2007 will be the first time Jason Campbell has had the same Offensive Coordinator and system in six years):

The Redskins faced a deadline yesterday to exercise $5 million options on safety Adam Archuleta, according to league sources, and Lloyd. They executed Lloyd's option, but reached an agreement with Archuleta to push back his deadline. Both players are guaranteed the money in one form or another, but the decision to delay the move for Archuleta could be a bid to buy more time in order to trade or perhaps cut him. . . .
This bumps us back down in total salary cap space since presumably the 5M option to Lloyd will now count against our '07 cap. Oh well. Don't fret too much as his contract isn't necessarily ridiculous; 7 years at just under 30M. His base salaries remain manageable for a long stretch of time. In the third year of his contract ('08) his base salary will have grown to just around 600K.

Regarding Archuleta, this is an interesting development. I wrote previously that perhaps this Adam Archuleta contract could really work to our advantage. I thought it was a no-brainer not to excercise the option and just take on the next three salaries as guaranteed. It's essentially the same as paying out the bonus (the difference is 5M for the option and 5.6M in salary if we don't excercise it). However the option will cost us the 5M and whatever salaries we pay this year and beyond (meaning if we excercise the option and keep him for just one year, we still owe 5.6M) whereas if we just do the salary we can pay off guaranteed money simultaneously with his salary. Email me if that doesn't make a damn bit of sense.

Jason La Canfora's article suggests that we are considering trading or cutting him though I think it must be the latter. He has no value in a cut as he would cost us far more than he would simply to keep on the team this year. He's only going to cost around 2.5M in '07 to be on the roster -- that accelerates to 9+M in a dead cap hit if we cut him.

I think -- though have not fully grasped the Amended CBA and thus cannot definitively say -- that if we refuse to excercise the option than the team we trade to accepts the 5.6M in guaranteed salary. In which case perhaps we are considering excercising the option so as to make him more valuable in a potential trade to another team (as no one wants to scoop 5.6M in guaranteed money hanging over their head).  That said, I think it would be foolish to excercise the option and am concerned by this course of action by the Redskins.

Any predictions or thoughts on what the deuce is going on here?