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Force is with him: Todd Yoder remains a Redskin

Per Redskins Insider:

I just heard that Yoder and the Skins agreed to a three-year deal last night. Still working on getting some more details on the contract, but the team now has a back-up for Chris Cooley on the roster. I expect the Skins will announce the deal later today or on Wed.
If it was anyone else I might be inclined to wait out for the official word, but Jason La Canfora is reliable. If he says announcement is pending then announcement is pending.

The seven year vet didn't exactly wow me last season statistically with one reception for four yards, but he did have more touchdowns than Brandon Lloyd. At one. I am absolutely fine with this signing as Yoder is a cheap backup TE who knows our Quarterback and Offense. Works for me.

Per his splits he was thrown at three times, though his two non-catches were defensed passes. So basically I don't have any significant statistical means of telling you that Todd Yoder did or didn't do much of anything last year, so I offer all of three catches as evidence... of nothing. Post your own thoughts or else dork it up with some Yoda jokes in the comments section below.