Hogs Haven Mock Draft

[editor's note, by Skin Patrol] Also, if you're just joining us from the Hail Redskins Mock Draft Database you should click here for what is an ok little Redskins Blog; if you're into that kind of thing. Just saying. [editor's note, by Skin Patrol] Many thanks to TexSkins who, per my request, re-issued his Mock Draft. I'm going to let this marinade for a few hours awaiting any possible suggestions and/or corrections and then will send this to the Hail Redskins Mock Draft Database by the day's end. Post comments below. Here's an updated mock draft after the free agency period filled some holes for teams.  As always, let me know what I missed and what I got wrong.
  1. Oakland - QB JaMarcus Russell, LSU
  2. Detroit - LT Joe Thomas, WIS
  3. Cleveland - RB Adrian Peterson, OU  (This would look like last year's Patriots backfield of the aging and the new guy.  For the record, I'd take Dillion over Lewis and Peterson over Moroney.  I think QB Quinn might get some thought here as well.)
  4. Tampa Bay - WR Calvin Johnson, GT (A steal at #4)
  5. Arizona - DE Gaines Adams  (They still need help on defense, though they signed a S and  CB.  If it was me, I'd take DT Alan Branch.)
  6. Your Washington Redskins - DE Jamaal Anderson, ARK  (With DE Gaines Adams gone, I think the pick is Anderson.)
  7. Minnesota - QB Brady Quinn (I think someone trades up to get him, but no trades on this list.)  
  8. Houston - OT Levi Brown, PSU (If Peterson falls, they take him.  If Quinn falls, they think about it.)
  9. Miami - WR Ted Ginn (They need help at WR and KR, so it just fits.)  
  10. Atlanta - DB Reggie Nelson, FLA (I have trouble with this one.  I think Petrino would like to take his former player DT Okoye, but the team needs secondary help.  If they address either in the FA market, I say they draft the other.)
  11. San Francisco - DT Amobi Okoye, LOU (They have the most money to spend in FA, so whatever need is not addressed there will be drafted in round 1.  I think they can wait for Okoye to develop into a dominant force.)
  12. Buffalo - CB Leon Hall (Clements gone, Hall in.)
  13. St. Louis - I'm honestly lost here.  TST says DT, so I say DT Alan Branch, MICH.  
  14. Carolina - ILB Patrick Willis, Ole Miss (They need help all over, but their LB corps were depleated last year.
  15. Pittsburgh - CB Darrell Revis, PIT (Their corners got beat too often, so this just fits.)
  16. Green Bay - RB Marshawn Lynch, CAL
  17. Jacksonville - DE Jarvis Moss, FLA (If it's me, I take Carriker from NEB but I think that Moss is too talented for JAX to pass on.)
  18. Cincinnati - DB LaRon Landry, LSU (Landry has the versitility to allow the Bengals to do a few things, including move S Williams to CB in the absence of FA James.)
  19. Tennessee - WR Dwayne Jarrett, USC
  20. N.Y. Giants - CB Aaron Ross, UT (I'm totally confused here.  Maybe LB?  Maybe a different DB?  Maybe a RB?  I'm lost.)
  21. Denver - With Moss off my board, and the CB situation taken care of, I say DE Adam Carriker, NEB.
  22. Dallas - [editor's note, by Skin Patrol] DB Chris Houston, ARK
  23. Kansas City - WR Dwayne Bowe, LSU
  24. New England - WR Sidney Rice, USC
  25. N.Y. Jets - TE Greg Olsen, MIA
  26. Philadelphia - LB Lawrence Timmons, FSU  
  27. New Orleans - [editor's note, by Skin Patrol]TE Zach Miller, ASU
  28. New England - OLB/DE Anthony Spencer, PUR (I'm not sure here.  They might not take him after signing Thomas, so maybe S Griffin?)
  29. Baltimore - OT/OG Aaron Sears, TEN
  30. San Diego - S Michael Griffin, UT (Another steal in my mind.  They could look at WR if they feel Meachem is worth the pick.)
  31. Chicago - [editor's note, by Skin Patrol] S Brian Meriweather, Mia
  32. Indianapolis - LB Jon Beason, MIA (Already knows Dungy's scheme.)
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