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Redskins Robble, Robble, Robble

I am ill today and apologize for the lack of content. Regular posting will resume early tomorrow morning.

Redskins Insider has a bit on Lavar Arrington and what's been going on with him. Per Arrington's Agent it seems like he's preparing himself to play this season though I get the impression that he's a bit depressed about the way things have gone. Honestly I was flustered with Arrington around the time he said he had our defensive playbook but feel genuinely bad for how his career has tumbled in such a short period of time.

Football Outsider's Michael David Smith pointed out that TJ Duckett and Ashley Lelie didn't really work out for their respective teams in '06. He's right; TJ Duckett didn't do anything in Washington and moved on to Detroit. Lelie is now a San Fransisco 49er. I don't really disagree with him except for he's characterized Mike Shanahan as having "spanked" Washington and Atlanta. I can't really argue that Shanahan didn't come out on top, but how a traded player performs in his new venue doesn't really increase the quality of the trade; TJ Duckett might be worth a 3rd round pick. He's not worth it to the Washington Redskins, obviously, as you'd hope to get more than 38 carries out of a third rounder, but that's the Redskins fault and not in virtue of Shanahan's genius. If you want to talk about Shanahan fleecing the Redskins, really I think that credit is due to a Redskins that refused to use Duckett correctly. Or else you could argue that they shouldn't have participated in a trade for a guy they clearly didn't need anyways. Regardless, that's all I have to say about the TJ Duckett trade. Forgotten.

Official Site has a Redskins event Calendar up.

We also resigned Ryan Boschetti which suggests to me that this team might not be drafting an interior defensive linemen or perhaps is looking to cut Big Joe Salave'a. Boschetti is the 5th man deep at DT and I don't think we'll carry 6 at that position. If we drafted an Amobi Okoye or an Alan Branch, then someone would have to go -- the resigning of Boschetti suggests that it isn't him.

War Cry! has an Ode to Ade (Jimoh).

I'm pretty sure that, for this season at least, Ade Jimoh is going to be my favorite player. He might not get onto the field. Heck, I might not want him to get onto the field. But he's the kind of guy I like to root for. After all, rooting for the underdog is why I'm a Redskins fan to begin with. And who represents that better than Ade Jimoh? Ade Jimoh might very well be the finest human being I've never known. After Tony Hawk, because he still gets mad chicks and Ade doesn't have his own video game. Yet.

Having said all of that, watch him not make the team in the fall and make me look like Mr. Snap On.

Redskins trading down rumors just won't go away.

Slow day but I will return tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.