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Best of luck to TJ Duckett in Detroit

Per the Detroit News (Hat tip: MJD) :

The Lions and free-agent running back T.J. Duckett reached agreement on a one-year contract Friday. Terms were not disclosed...

The Lions have been seeking to add depth and experience at running back. Kevin Jones, their top returning back, is recovering from an injured left foot. There is no guarantee that Jones will be ready for the start of next season.

Shawn Bryson and Brian Calhoun, the primary backups to Jones last year, also finished the 2006 season on injured reserve.

Once again poor TJ Duckett is going to be stuffed into a crowded back field. The only difference is that the Lions, wisely, didn't give away a draft pick for him.

I've already railed endlessly about why the Redskins made a ginormous mistake in their non-use of Duckett. That horse is beaten. We screwed up.

The good news for Duckett is that it's only a year long deal. Hopefully he can find some playing time in goal line situations and even accumulate some touchdowns. No matter what, he'll be able to hit the '08 market in the hopes of securing himself a starting (or near to) position and finally becoming the premier RB we all were wrong to think he was.

Duckett was always a professional even when the team inexplicably refused dress him for games. He never came off as bitter towards the organization and for that alone I do wish him the best in Detroit and beyond. Make sure to check Pride of Detroit later in the week for a great Lions' Blogger's take.