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Free Agency Open Thread

Update [2007-3-2 16:48:10 by Skin Patrol]: Redskins Insider Jason La Canfora is working his ass off today. He has details (kind of) on the Mike Sellers contract:

According to a few league sources, Sellers, who was set to make about $770,000 this season, altered his 2007 salary a bit and the four year deal is worth about $4 million. He has been and H-back and a fullback here, is the leader of the special teams units and has flourished here.
Seriously, JaLa is going ape posting constant, news-filled updates. Go thank him at his Blog.

Update [2007-3-2 13:19:8 by Skin Patrol]: Per Redskins Insider, Fletcher is in Washington, Dockery is in Atlanta, and Leonard David might be coming to Washington.

Update [2007-3-2 12:46:10 by Skin Patrol]: Curly R Free Agency Open Thread. He caught the Sellers and Thomas contracts AND the Vernon Fox re-signing. Ben Anthony of Hog Heaven puts me us both to shame, as always.

Update [2007-3-2 10:8:55 by Skin Patrol]: War Cry! is all over FA too, so head over there for updates if you can't find them here. But you will be able to find them here, so seriously just stay here and hit refresh constantly.

Update [2007-3-2 7:51:44 by Skin Patrol]: Nothing yet. Redskins are interested in Fletcher but aren't big players for anyone else besides Fred Smoot. Check out ESPN and this morning's Post article for the little information available. Extreme Skins is great for updates, if you don't mind sifting through countless unsubstantiated or unsourced rumors as well.

Update [2007-3-1 17:59:44 by Skin Patrol]: (Hat Tip: Extreme Skins) Fred Smoot was released from the Vikings. Is he destined to return to Washington or will someone else pick up Zee Captain? If you really want to find out you'll probably just have to stay here and refresh constantly until tomorrow morning. It's the only way.

Free Agency is upon us soon, starting tonight at 12:01 (right?). I'll try and stay up as late as possible though will likely end up drunk asleep well before then. My blogging colleague BleedGreen takes a shot at us but also puts a picture of the Hogettes on the front page of his Eagles Blog. We appreciate thee.

...Snyder and the skins are in midseason form! His masterful March pen strokes are like a Joe Montana pass in January. He drives the free agents in from the airport much John Elway drove his team down the field in that fateful AFC title game so many years ago. If NFL Films were smart and cared about what really mattered, they'd set up cameras in the Redskins' front office and record the action 24/7!
Oh Golly he has us pegged. While we're on the subject of John Elway moments, my personal "fav" was Super Bowl XXII when he threw 3 picks and the Redskins routed the Broncos 42-10. Nostalgia is fun.
As for us Eagles fans... looks like another March of disappointment. The Skins are once again going to run away with the Free agency crown and we have to wait around until September AGAIN for our time to shine...
Everyone knows January is the most important month of Football.

Moving on, we're ready to (not) dominate Free Agency in 2007 to the max, yo. Our uncharacteristic FA failed ventures already include Dre Bly heading elsewhere and our inability to sign Derrick Dockery. Why? Jason La Canfora thinks he's going to get a 12M signing bonus and we might let him walk. That's a lot of cheddar.

Doesn't look like we'll get Nate Clements, so if the Redskins are to make any noise it will be with London Fletcher, although that's hardly March Madness level FA signing. We're so vanilla this year that we might even have to cut Shawn Springs, although perhaps we could get something in a trade... I pause to scratch my chin. Reader(s)?

I'm through betting on the Redskins acting responsibly in Free Agency, but this might just be the year given our horrid record and lack of available Cap funds (even after we jettison various excess baggage). So without any money on the line, my official prediction is that Your Washington Redskins remain fairly quiet this year. That can change in a moment's notice -- which is what this thread is for. Feel free to post all pending, suggested, possible, totally and completely speculative predictions in the comments section. If I'm not around when the big news hits, feel free to post a diary or comment here on what's crappenin' and I might just post it on the front page.

PS: If I'm not around, make sure you head on over to Curly R or The Redskin Report or any of my many Redskins Blogging amigos listed on the left hand side of this webpage. If I'm not on it, one of them will be.