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Len Pasquarelli puts Fletcher -- and no one else -- in Washington

Hat Tip: Blogging the Boys.

Pasquawkrelli has his top 30 UFAs and predicts their future teams. This year's Washington Redskins are the Cleveland Browns, who have the cap space necessary to land many of the top end UFAs. Len has Nate Clements,  LB Adalius Thomas, OG Eric Steinbach, and DE Dewayne White. In other words, Len's top 3 and 16th ranked UFAs could end up in Cleveland.

This year's Washington Redskins are surprisingly un-Redskin like in 2007. We're only listed as a possible destination for one two players (Donte Stallworth might be a Redskin? News to me) though we're the only team listed for one of them, suggesting that it is London Fletcher's moira to end up in the Burgundy and Gold:

At age 31, no youngster, but is still a high-energy tackling machine who will make the plays that need to be made between the tackles and add a ton of veteran leadership as well.

Possible landing spot: Washington.

To the conventional wisdom that says the Redskins always get all the players they want in Free Agency (which means everyone), I say: except in those cases where they don't. Like this year, for instance.

And I'm perfectly comfortable with that.