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Dre Bly NOT a Redskin.


The Detroit Lions have agreed to send cornerback Dre' Bly to the Denver Broncos in exchange for running back Tatum Bell, tackle George Foster and a draft choice, believed to be a fifth-round pick.
Head over to Mile High Report for his take, which was: flustered and then ecstatic and then hesitant. Ultimately I think he'll be a happy camper, as the Broncos always seem to win when it comes to trading. Or is that just with us?

Frankly I'm happy to see this go down. Nagging in the back of my mind was the possibility of the Redskins trading for Bly, and with it the attendent loss of future draft picks and/or crazy terms that cannot possibly benefit the 'Skins in the immediate or distant future. Dre Bly would've made a fine CB but I just don't know how we could have played for him without giving up some serious personnel. We never had draft picks to give and, I admit, I've grown quite fond of some of our players. Especially that Red Snapper guy.

I am certain that Pride of Detroit will have his own thoughts later, so skip on by there. He prophetically posted a diary about this precise topic earlier today.