Redskins on Dre' Bly's Short List

The sweepstakes, you might call it, for Dre' Bly is coming to a close and it appears he'll be traded in the next few days.  Of the three teams that remain of his interest (also looks to be the final list), the Redskins are mentioned as one of them.  

I'm posting this to see what you guys at Hogs Haven think Washington would trade to Detroit to pull off this deal since I know the Redskins have a limited supply of draft picks, which Detroit is trying to stock up on.  The other two teams involved are Denver and New Orleans.  I think Denver is the favorite to land him as they are supposedly willing to give up a third rounder and also Jake Plummer, Tatum Bell, or George Foster.  Personally, I think the Lions would make the trade for the third and Bell or Foster.  As for the Saints, I'm really not sure at all what they might do as their names just was mentioned in the last day.

I remember hearing the rumor that you have mentioned here before about Bly to Washington for Portis with some other factors involved.  That has come up a few times, but I haven't heard it mentioned once since Washington has really become apart of these recent trade talks.  With that being said, what do you guys think would come back to Detroit if the Lions did in fact trade Bly to Washington?


-Sean from Pride of Detroit