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Derrick Frost is a sensitive and tender(ed) punter.

Your Washington Redskins tendered an offer to Derrick Frost per the Official Site. Jim Molinaro and Ryan Boschetti were not tendered, though according to The Post we will low ball Boschetti later:

Punter Derrick Frost received an $850,000 qualifying offer yesterday, according to his agent, Robert Lattinville. Barring an offer from another team, Frost likely will sign soon. . . . The Redskins did not issue qualifying offers to defensive tackle Ryan Boschetti, making him an unrestricted free agent, but expressed interest in re-signing him at a lower salary later, according to agent James Ivler. . . . The team was not expected to tender a contract to tackle Jim Molinaro, making him an unrestricted free agent. . . .
The 850K qualifying offer means other teams can go after him without having to give up Draft picks, though we can match any/all offers presented to Frost. Really a non-issue, since no one is going to take him from us.

If we draft a DT you then we won't retain Boschetti, unless or even if we also cut either Griffin or Salave'a. I think we're going with a DE in this draft no matter what, so Boschetti has a good shot at remaining in D.C.