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Dolphins have eyes for Derrick Dockery

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The Sun-Sentinel's Alex Marvez presents the Dolphins' five most pressing needs and Dockery is on the short list for Guard (emphasis mine).

Guard: San Diego's Kris Dielman makes the most sense via free agency, as he was recruited to Indiana University by Dolphins coach Cam Cameron and played under offensive line coach Hudson Houck with the Chargers. If too pricy, Baltimore's Tony Pashos and Washington's Derrick Dockery are appealing second-tier options.
I don't think there's anything 2nd tier about Dockery besides his penchant for penalties. We'd been fortunate to hear little about Dockery from Free Agency rumors up until now though, with the Redskins offering no apparent interest in signing him, teams will start sniffing around with regularity.

Per the Miami Herald the Dolphins are interested in Arizona's Left Tackle Leonard Washington Davis and so are we(?), for reasons that escape me (maybe we want him at Guard, I don't know).

Arizona's Leonard Davis, who has started at left tackle, where the Dolphins lack a starter, will get only mild interest, if any, from the Dolphins. San Francisco, Dallas and Washington are expected to be most interested in Davis, a former first-round pick from Texas.
Again this might be the generic listing of Washington as an "interested party" to meet word count requirements.

Too much speculation coming out of Miami for me, though I'll try and get our resident Dolphins Blogger's opinion. On a related not, I only eat Tuna friendly Dolphin meat and it is delicious.