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Redskins interested in (enter player name here). And Jonathan Vilma.

Free Agency is upon us! First you heard Clements then it was Fletcher or else maybe Dre Bly unless or maybe even if Fred Smoot returns, er oh wait it was Clinton Portis to the Giants for Michael Strahan? What the duece is going on here!

Now it is Jonathan Vilma (note to fans: it will be like this until Free Agency is over). Per the Times:

If the Fletcher-Baker deal isn't consummated and Clements opts to sign elsewhere, the Redskins could trade for middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma, the 2004 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year who struggled when the New York Jets switched to a 3-4 scheme in 2006, and cornerback Dre Bly, who wants out of Detroit and whom the Lions are shopping.
Pros of Vilma over Fletcher:
  1. He's significantly younger (turns 25 in April).
  2. Cheaper maybe kind of sort of, costs around 2.5M currently to Fletcher's 5.9M. This comes with a caveat below.
  1. Might not actually be cheaper. A young Vilma is on contract through 2008 but will eventually expect Big Boy payment -- like the kind of contract that Fletcher is expiring from.
  2. Requires a trade, which means personnel because we don't actually have draft picks.
  3. At 230 pounds Vilma is precisely the kind of small Mike LB we're currently trying to replace.
  4. Disappointing 2006, though possibly the cause of the Jets 3-4 defensive scheme.
Rather than speculate about the likelihood of this, which is a fool's errand anyways, I just want to throw it out there for reader(s) to digest. The speculation will never end about who the Redskins are pursuing, so I suggest you all learn to stop worrying and love the Free Agency.