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Rumor: Phillip Daniels cut?

Hat Tip: Extreme Skins (let me note, also, that I owe Extreme Skins a large thanks over the offseason as its mass of fans have many more eyes than yours truly, and thus find stories that might slip past me.)

I cannot speak to the author's credibility or consistency because I've never read it before. But Al's Hot NFL News and Rumor Blog at East Coast News has the following blurb (emphasis added):

02/08...I'll be updating this blog DAILY once the Combine and NFL free agency rolls around... but even though this is a quiet time of the year there are several rumors making their way around the Minnesota...the Vikings are rumored to be interested in Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald and may be willing to part with the seventh pick overall in the upcoming Draft in a package deal to land him...keep in mind...Fitzgerald is from the area and was a Vikings ball-boy while he was growing Fitzgerald was drafted by former Cards Coach Dennis Green who no longer is with the Washington...the Redskins have a salary cap mess on their hands and will need to trim some of the fat to get under the Cap before Free Agency hits in March...because of salary cap ramifications...many of the Redskins recent free agent acquisitions are virtually untouchable including free agent busts WR Brandon Lloyd and S Adam Archuleta...however...from what I'm hearing... DE's Renaldo Wynn and Philip Daniels may BOTH be Cap casualties by the time March rolls around...Stay Tuned!

We'll see. While I think it is a foregone conclusion that Renaldo Wynn gets cut, Daniels is another matter entirely. I think we'll get a Defensive End in the draft this year, but even so Gregg Williams doesn't like to start rookies right off the bat. Demetric Evans is a good player, but not yet a starter. Unless the team moves in free agency on this position, I would bet against us cutting Daniels. Next year maybe, but not in 2007.

Per PC (you rule, man), Daniels has 600k in prorated signing bonus due in 2007, along with 500k in other bonuses. He also has 600k in prorated and 1.1M in other bonuses in 2008. That means a cut will cost us 2.8M immediately in 2007 against the cap, which is just 300K under the 3.1M he'd count against the cap in 2007. I don't think the team has any intention of cutting Daniels to save a fairly paltry amount, especially when Big D has some juice left in the tank.

I've been wrong before though. Post your own thoughts below.