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We've seen the enemy, and the enemy is Wade Phillips

Update [2007-2-9 15:21:56 by Skin Patrol]: Curly R's awaited response to this hiring. Must read.

Just a quick FYI that ESPN is claiming Wade Phillips as the new Dallas Cowboys Coach. Hat Tip: Blogging the Boys.

For me this was a kind of worst of all possible scenarios. I was hoping for either Norval Turner or else someone with much less coaching experience (particularly with the 3-4). Also, Wade Phillips was the favorite of Grizz over at BTB, and no one knows the Cowboys (or cares about them as much) better than Grizz. If he wanted Wade Phillips as his head coach, you can bet we didn't.

Still better than having to play Bill Parcells twice a year, in my opinion. Post your own thoughts below or head over to Blogging the Boys to get the Cowgirls' reactions.