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Marcus Washington's Surgery a success

Per the Official Site:

Linebacker Marcus Washington underwent successful arthroscopic surgery on his left hip this week, the team announced on Thursday.
Washington's rehabilitation is expected to be three months, which means he could be available for some OTA work and the team's June mini-camp.
Also noted:
Meantime, left tackle Chris Samuels is expected to have surgery on his left knee following his Pro Bowl appearance on Feb. 10 in Hawaii.

I would rather he takes the surgery now and skips the Pro Bowl. While I'm thrilled to have him representing a deserving Redskins OL, and presuming 100% that the surgery in question is extremely minor (otherwise I hope Samuels would excuse himself), should there be complications or additional rehabilitation needed, the more additional days Samuels has to get ready for the 2007 season the better.

Great news for Marcus Washington.