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Clinton Portis said what?

That crafty devil Jamie Mottram -- aka DC Sports Guy aka Mister Irrelevant -- always gets to talk to people who probably wouldn't even return my emails. He's like, legit.

So no surprise that he scooped an interview with Clinton Portis at Madden Bowl XIII. Get the audio here and head to his site here for a writeup. You'll also notice a link to his site on Hogs Haven's blogroll because I check Mr. Irrelevant daily. For this precise reason. Highlights:

-- On never going with the Skins when playing Madden: "I'm the only person who know how to stop Portis."

-- On befriending fellow Hurricanes-cum-Redskins Santana Moss and Sean Taylor: "I actually hang out with Santana everyday. Sean, you know, he like the home amigo. He stay inside, but you know we always repping for him."