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Responding to a Critic of Art Monk

I'll have trouble responding to Michael David Smith's NO vote for Art Monk since I've eaten half my keyboard. But I'll try anyways:

But I'm not convinced. Through most of his career, Monk wasn't even the first option in his team's passing game, and when you can say that about a receiver, you're not talking about a Hall of Famer. He gets a vote of NO.


I don't know how MDS is measuring "first option in passing game" but I'd say that Receptions does a pretty decent job of capturing the level of involvement a receiver has in the passing game. Of Art Monk's 13 years as a Washington Redskin, he led the team in receptions 7 times. Two of the remaining six he was injured and missed significant time, and he didn't finish below 2nd on the team until his last year in D.C. As 7 of 13 qualifies as a majority, I think it is safe to say that MDS simply has this wrong; in a majority of his seasons in Washington, Art Monk was the number one option in the passing game.

Presumably once Michael David Smith recognizes the err in the above reasoning, he will recant his No Vote.