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Renaldo Wynn and Phillip Daniels future still uncertain

Howard Bryant has a long story at the Post regarding Joe Gibbs capitulation over the offseason workout program. Bryant comments on the willingness to change, etc. etc. It outlines Renaldo Wynn's position in facilitating that change as a Veteran who could speak to Coach on behalf of others.

"You have be careful with Coach Gibbs, because he's old-school. He'll listen to you, but you have to pick your spots," Wynn said. "You have to really feel strongly about something. This was something that the players wanted and I'm glad he responded to it in this way. I know the guys definitely appreciate that."
I want to briefly focus on Wynn and Daniels as possible cut casualties as we've talked about that here. More from the Post:
Wynn may find himself caught in a numbers game that could signal his end with the Redskins. In addition to playing behind Daniels and Carter, Wynn split time with reserve defensive end Demetric Evans and now could find himself even further back on the depth chart should the Redskins draft a defensive end...

As of Monday, Daniels and the Redskins had not discussed possible contract restructures. He is under contract until 2008. Daniels has a relatively manageable cap hit of $3.1 million for 2007, but the Redskins will in all likelihood use the sixth pick in the draft on a defensive end, which would place Daniels either in a reserve role or a situation where he would have to compete for a job.

I'll repeat my thoughts. I think one of these two guys is safe as Gregg Williams hates immediately starting rookies. Furthermore both are competent backups. Purely based on numbers, Wynn costs more and isn't as good of a player as Daniels, so if one of them is cut I have to think it would be Renaldo Wynn. The team needs four Defensive Ends, so even if we draft a DE in round one, there's still room for one more player:
  1. Andre Carter stays.
  2. Demetric Evans stays.
  3. Draft Player arrives.
  4. Phillip Daniels and Renaldo Wynn are competing for that last DE spot.
Is it Wynn or Daniels?