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I am not reporting on the Not-even-Rumor that Portis is going to the Giants

AOL Sportsblog has the "scoop" per Draft Daddy (remember the source!):

Biggest trade proposal on the table is the Skins trying to dump Clinton Portis, since they re-upped Betts. They want picks in return because they don't have many.
I find this ridiculous and unsubstantiated.

To Den Benton of AOL Sportsblog's enormous credit, he also remains cautious:

I want to make it clear that this rumor is coming from Draft Daddy and I haven't heard a single word about it elsewhere. I have no idea how credible they are but they claim to have an "inside source"...
I mention it only to encourage discussion in the comments. Does anyone want this? What would it take from the Giants to make this a worthwhile deal?

My prediction is that Clinton Portis isn't going anywhere.