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Mike Pucillo still a Redskin

Redskins Insider hinted that it was a done deal and Rotoworld confirms (Hat Tip Extreme Skins):

Redskins re-signed G Mike Pucillo to a one-year contract.

The deal is close to the veteran's minimum, according to the Washington Post. The 'Skins like Pucillo as a backup but he's not a likely candidate to take over at left guard if Derrick Dockery leaves in free agency.

My suggestion to move Pucillo in behind Dockery and sign a backup Center -- all assuming the Dock deal doesn't get done -- is unlikely per Rotoworld. I can't always be right. In fact, I'm almost never right.

Mike Pucillo played for peanuts in 2006, qualifying for the Veteran League Minimum. While his overall 2006 income was 585K, he only cost the team 430K against the cap. If he is at the league minimum it won't change. If we pay him slightly above league minimum, our cap hit won't change by more than a few hundred thousand. Also, Pucillo is versatile and can play either Guard or Center. Thus I view this signing as predictable and good.