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Pharmacy raided in Internet Drug Scandal, "Redskin" on the client list

Lots of people affected by this per, one of whom I wish wasn't.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A downtown pharmacy was raided by a law enforcement task force on Tuesday, the climax of a large New York state grand jury investigation into Internet drug sales that could expose widespread illicit steroid use by professional athletes and thousands of people across the nation.
Signature Pharmacy in Orlando (the one raided) has all kinds of juicy sports connections and suspicious behavior attached ot it.

Apparently one of the Pittsburgh Steelers' physicians was the cause of the raid:

The retail value of the drugs allegedly purchased by Rydze, who tends to Steelers' players during their home and away games, is about $750,000, according to an investigator in the case.
Said the executive director of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Carmen Catizone:
"I've never seen a doctor pull out his or her own credit card ... it just doesn't make sense," Catizone said. "Unless you are trying to build frequent-flyer miles on a credit card, I'm not sure why they'd be using a personal credit card."
That's a lot of frequent-flyer miles.

Interesting fact about Signature -- also from the article -- they went fromt clearing 500K a year as recently as 2002 to over 35M last year. That's either uncanny good business acumen or else suspicious, right?

Anyways, names are named to an extent. Signature's client list includes former MLB pitcher Jason Grimsley, former MLB first baseman David Segui (guess why they are "former" players), "a Philadelphia Eagles football player" witnessed entering the pharmacy, and finally (Damnit.) "a member of the Washington Redskins".

Feel free to speculate as to the identity of this player in the comments section. I encourage you (again) to check out the article in its entirety, here. Very informative, though complicated. I probably missed something important, so comb through it if you get a chance.