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Condoleezza Rice thinks Art Monk is a Hall of Famer

Hat Tip: Extreme Skins.

Caveat: This is not an attempt to be political by Hogs Haven whatsoever. I don't even know who Condoleezza Rice is. Please view this as another example of me taking Art Monk's snubbing personally by shamelessly cheerleading any and every mention of that man's greatness. I did not read anything else in the interview besides the question pertaining to Redskins fans. I link to it here nonetheless. Doug Williams is also mentioned.

Name an African-American athlete, past or present, you admire and why.

I admire Doug Williams for what he did. By winning that Super Bowl, he broke the stereotype about black quarterbacks in a very important way. And Art Monk, who I just think did everything quietly and with class. As a result, he may not get the adulation that I think he deserves.

We're all reading between the lines here. Not getting the adulation he deserves is a pretty clear stab at the HoF Committee. It is getting pretty crowded here on the Art Monk Cheerleading Bandwagon; reserve your seats soon, voters.