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Hogs Haven Mock Draft

I'm way behind on this but it's about damn time Hogs Haven gets in on the rampant and purely speculative Mock Drafting that's been so contagious of late. Hail Redskins has the most comprehensive Mock Draft list available, and I'm feeling a little flipping left out. Below please find my uninformed picks with brief commentary. After my reader(s) pour over them and rip my unacquainted picks to shreds, I'll submit it to Hail Redskins myself. And here we go... (Note: No trade downs in this one. Perhaps we'll do another mock draft later where I can work that out)

Full Draft List Per

  1. Oakland - I don't care if PFT says he's fat, Oakland is taking QB JaMarcus Russell, LSU
  2. Detroit - Pride of Detroit thinks it is OT Joe Thomas, Wisconsin. Works for me.
  3. Cleveland - Having just won the coin flip to move up to third, Cleveland will take... WR Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech. I just have to be different.
  4. Tampa Bay - If Cleveland takes CJ then Tampa is just screwed. They're forced by default to take QB Brady Quinn, Notre Dame because Chris Simms is too much of a question mark.
  5. Arizona - DT Alan Branch, Michigan to make my decision easier.
  6. Washington - But not really, because I still have to choose between two great Defensive Ends (remember no trade downs). DE Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas is winning the vote on Hogs Haven, so I choo-choo-choose him.
  7. Minnesota - Although Daily Norseman gives himself Calvin Johnson (not gonna happen) I have to go with WR Ted Ginn, Ohio State. Rumors of a Randy Moss return to Minnesota are just that.
  8. Houston - Ok so you didn't get Reggie Bush last year, but now that RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma has fallen to you this is a no-brainer.
  9. Miami - Although they need help in the secondary, I still think Leon Hall is a stretch at this point. Miami is too pleased to see DE Gaines Adams, Clemson fall this low.
  10. Atlanta - FS LaRon Landry, LSU. Just feels right, I guess.
  11. San Francisco - I'm tempted to do Dwayne Jarrett here, as they know him 'round these parts and the 49ers need a WR. But the way DT Amobi Okoye, Louisville is moving up Draft Charts, I have to think he goes sooner rather than later. I think Jarrett will be a bust, if anyone feels like quoting me.
  12. Buffalo - With Nate Clements leaving town they might be tempted to get Leon Hall, but I think he's still a reach. So OT Levi Brown, Penn St it is.
  13. St. Louis - Turf Show Times talks about WRs (though not the one I pick) so why not WR Dwayne Jarrett, USC?
  14. Carolina - Don't know anything about the team, but I suspect they have a weak outside linebacking unit since Na'il Diggs and Jamal Anderson split time. LB Lawrence Timmons, FSU
  15. Pittsburgh - I should just ask Behind the Steel Curtain but will go ahead and pick on their behalf. DE/OLB Jarvis Moss, Florida is the perfect 3-4 hybrid defender, and from what I gather they are keeping that defense.
  16. Green Bay - Ahman Green is out. RB  Marshawn Lynch, California is in.
  17. Jacksonville - ILB Patrick Willis, Mississippi, though Big Cat Country would have preferred Jarvis Moss.
  18. Cincinnati - With Justin Smith franchised, I can't pick a DE. So they get S Reggie Nelson, Florida
  19. Tennessee - Music City Miracles says the biggest need is DE and I deliver: DE Quentin Moses, Georgia
  20. N.Y. Giants - I have no idea. Reader(s) help me out, LB Paul Posluszny, Penn State
  21. Denver - Can they pass on CB Leon Hall, Michigan?
  22. Dallas - BTB mentions OT Justin Blalock, Texas and that's good enough for me.
  23. Kansas City - From Arrowhead Pride's Mock Draft Roundup: WR Dwayne Bowe, LSU
  24. New England (from Seattle) - They get WR Sidney Rice, South Carolina by default.
  25. N.Y. Jets - At this point I'm just guessing. DE Adam Carriker, Nebraska.
  26. Philadelphia - Bleeding Green takes a look at S Michael Griffin, Texas. Good enough for me.
  27. New Orleans - Another Texas guy? CB Aaron Ross, Texas. Why not.
  28. New England - For the 3-4: DE/OLB Lamarr Woodley, Michigan.
  29. Baltimore - Christ I don't know. RB Michael Bush, Louisville.
  30. San Diego - WR Robert Meacham, Tennessee
  31. Chicago - Zach Miller or Greg Olson? TE Zach Miller, ASU
  32. Indianapolis - I really have no idea at this point. Go to Stampede Blue and ask them. Arbitrarily (and with little knowledge of the team needs) I choose CB Darrelle Revis, Pittsburgh.
Remember that Mock Drafts, especially by uninformed know-nothings like Skin Patrol, are often times pointlessly speculative. I guessed on many of these and I probably missed 3-4 guys that would never have made it out of the 1st round.

With that in mind, I would prefer any/all help reader(s) were willing to provide. Who can I move around here? Who did I miss? Who did I put too high/low? Please make changes as explicit and simple as possible because I don't want to re-do the entire thing. Once we have a semi-consensus or a minimum of reader(s) input, I'll submit to Hail Redskins.

Note: The above post gave me the desire to drink paint thinner an enormous headache compiling, so please be nice.