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Rocky McIntosh: Guys just collecting paychecks.

Interesting Rocky McIntosh quote from, emphasis mine:

"We've got so many superstars on the team ... almost too many," McIntosh said. "I actually think college is a little harder because you've got guys out there that are real hungry and wanting to play.

"In the NFL, you got some guys that are just collecting paychecks -- that may have affected our team a little bit. But there are still a lot of guys that care about the game a little bit, too."

The good news is that the Washington Redskins still have "a lot" of guys that "care" "a little bit". Yikes. I want names named!

Personally I'm not upset in the least by McIntosh's comments. Given the way the 'Skins played in 2006, I also had the feeling that there were guys on the team merely collecting paychecks, though given the way we handle contracts that could change for a good number of Redskins (the paycheck part, that is).

Taking Rocky's word for it, how can a Joe Gibbs coached team have indifferent deadweight? Any reader(s) care to hazard a guess as to who these loafers might be? Do we blame the Coaches or the players or both and to what degree? How do you remedy free-loading? Position battles? Cuts?