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Holdman and Wright unlikely to return

Per The Post:

However, the Redskins are not interested in retaining cornerback Kenny Wright or linebacker Warrick Holdman-- both free agents who started often last season -- team sources said. Tight end Brian Kozlowski is unlikely to return as well. . . .
Lots in the article about future cuts coming up, which we've talked about here at length. Daniels and Wynn are mentioned together, as are the suspiciously long "negotiations" with Brunell and Springs. No new news on the Dockery front.

I mention Wright, Holdman, and Kozlowski because I thought it was likely we'd retain one of the former two for league minimum. I imagine Holdman thinks he'll fetch more than league minimum (which is what we pay both him and Wright) with a season of starting under his belt -- despite the questionable results. Similar story with Kenny Wright, who saw considerable time due to injury but did not necessarily impress.

Hopefully they will test the market, realize they cannot get the deal they want, and one or both will return. I have absolutely no problem with either of these players as backups for the league minimum; they're both familiar with the defense and are bargains at Veteran League Minimum (meaning they cost the team just 470k in cap space -- peanuts).

Brian Kozlowski would be let go if the team pursues an additional Tight End, as Jason La Canfora predicted yesterday.