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Jason La Canfora Predictions

Huge, voluminous, abundant information over at Redskins Insider. I'd like to just post the entire article as each sentence provides much needed fuel for offseason speculation. But that would be dishonest. Go read the entire thing, comment (Canfora has a far more robust and talkative readership than I do, be a part of that), but do return. I'm just going to itemize everything I found of interest from his predictions.

  1. He has Hall, Patten, Vincent, and Fauria as definite cuts. Nothing shocking here, as Hall and Patten were definites, Fauria was a likely, and Vincent was a possible. More surpising is that he doesn't list Wynn as a definite (though suggests it to be the case). I think he's about as definite a cut as we have, as he's the highest paid player at a position we're going to bolster in the draft anyways, making him 5th string. I think Daniels will be back, Canfora expresses concern.
  2. Dockery Watch:
    I would be stunned at this point if Dockery is re-signed before March 2. Now, they could still end up getting him out on the open market, but unless the Skins really raise the figures they are exchanging, my peeps tell me what's being offered now is not in the range to get Dock to forgo free agency. He's looking to see what's out there at this point. I'd put the odds on him coming back around 50-50 right now, while stating, again, that there is ample time for this to change.
    Big news here. I was holding out hope that Dockery would be signed prior to the open market (where I truly feel we will lose him) and I'm losing confidence. This is very unfortunate.
  3. He has Ade Jimoh, Mike Pucillo, and Vernon Fox as returns. These all make sense although I've expressed doubt towards Fox in the past, but if Troy Vincent is cut than Vernon Fox is not.
  4. Big News.
    As I've said all along, it looks like Springs is going to be getting paid someplace else next season. Barring a major reversal in the tone of that negotiation when the sides meet at the combine, I believe he will be gone by June at the latest.
    I pointed out back in December that Shawn Springs salary explodes this year, he becomes the 2nd highest paid player on the team, and none of this meshes well with a player who is oft injured. His only saving grace is that his 7.3M cap hit next year is protected by 7.5M in remaining bonuses. This would lend itself to a June 2nd cut, though Canfora thinks sooner than that. Perhaps the team realizes that the salary they'd pay him just isn't worth the limited time he'd spend on the field. I'd love to have your thoughts in the comments section, reader(s).
  5. More bad news: Canfora thinks Brunell will return. We'll see!
  6. Adam Archuleta and Brandon Lloyd should return. Their contracts make them uncuttable... for now. I really do hope that the team isn't keeping them on merely for the contracts, and intends to utilize them as best they can in order to maximize value on investments (even bad ones).
  7. London Fletcher will be pursued so heavily by the Redskins that Canfora would be "floored" "if he's not in the building the day free agency opens". If so, where would you guys put Lemar Marshall? He has him backing up Marcus Washington or being used in specific scenarios. Passing downs maybe? My main concern is that the team would try to bury McIntosh (behind Marshall) again, and I'm ready to see what the kid can do through a season. I voted No on Fletcher, because it failed the cost:benefit ratio. If he asks for 4+M I just don't see how this is a fiscally responsible upgrade. Hopefully I'm wrong about how much he thinks he's owed.
  8. Canfora says the team acknowledges that Clements might be prohibitively expensive. Excellent.
  9. So if we're cutting Shawn Springs and Nate Clements can't be had, who the hell will cover our secondary?
    [Former Redskin Fred] Smoot has earned very favorable reviews during internal discussions, and if he is cut I would be stunned if he does not get an immediate call from the Skins. The Skins also have fairly good internal scouting reports on Dre' Bly, and while they don't necessarily love him, the duo of Smoot and Bly might be able to fill some of the void if Springs leaves as expected.
    Too much here to comment on briefly, I'll need to wrap my head around all this.
  10. We might get a Tight End in free agency. Canfora drops Eric Johnson of San Fransisco and Kyle Brady of Jacksonville. I kind of like Todd Yoder, for the name jokes alone. I know TexSkins agrees.
  11. Sweet music to my ears!
    THE DRAFT: There is a strong sentiment by some within the organization that they should trade down. Of course, it takes two to tango and the reality is that such a deal is highly unlikely to take place until the week before the draft at the earliest,. and even then probably when the team is actually on the clock.
    So you're saying there's a chance? I am confused by Canfora's numbers though; he says we want to go from a 6 to the 18-25 range, hopefully picking up a 2nd rounder and perhaps something else. Per the draft value chart, a 6->18 would net us 700 points, which is 120 points more than the 1st pick of the 2nd round. We should be able to get a 2nd and a 4th rounder with that kind of move.
So much to talk about and discuss, I'm in Redskins rumor overload. Seriously go to Redskins Insider and scout the entire article as perhaps I missed something, and also because that is the honest and polite thing to do. I pretty much ripped off the article because I'm so Redskins news starved this offseason, and you'd make me feel not-as-horrible if you went and left Jason a comment thanking him for all that.

I should have something really groovy up by tomorrow that I think you will enjoy. Stay tuned...