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Clayton confirms that we're at least trying to trade down. I think.

Hat Tip: Extreme Skins.

I don't know if this is a strong confirmation or else he's just speculating, but John Clayton has far more credibility than I do and if he says it is so, it might just be so. Per this article (emphasis added):

6. Starting the trade machine: The combine gets the trade talk going. The Redskins, who pick sixth, are like several other teams in the top 10 and willing to shop their pick to get more draft choices. Veterans such as Denver's Jake Plummer and Houston's David Carr are being shopped in trades. Something could be resolved before next Tuesday. A couple of years ago, the Randy Moss trade was brokered at the start of the combine. Moss wants out of Oakland, and if the Raiders wish to accommodate him they could find out if there are any interested teams here in Indianapolis.
Let's hope that Jake Plummer and David Carr aren't being sold to the Redskins in trades.

If Clayton is right and the Redskins are shopping their #6 pick, paint me thrilled. Nothing would please me more than this team taking a long-term approach in a draft deeeeeeep in Defensive Ends (a huge team need). By scooping an additional day 1 pick (or two!) the Redskins will signal the beginning of a beautiful, blossoming relationship between them and Draft Picks. In the past, the Redskins have treated Draft Picks as contagious -- like cooties or herpes -- and thrown them out for virtually nothing. Now we're trading for them? I love change.