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Jerry Gray named in Terrence McGee lawsuit

Hat Tip: AOL Fanhouse which alerted me to the news broken at Fox Sports.

Relevant portions:

Buffalo Bills cornerback Terrence McGee filed a lawsuit Tuesday accusing his former financial adviser of funneling more than $1 million into unauthorized investments.
So what does this have to do with Jerry Gray?
The suit, filed in Harris County District Court in Texas, also alleged that McGee's former agent, Terry Bolar, and current Washington Redskins assistant coach, Jerry Gray, conspired in the scheme and had opportunity to benefit from it by introducing McGee to Curry.

Sampson told The Associated Press that Bolar and Gray, the Bills defensive coordinator through 2005, should have warned McGee that Curry was not licensed to represent NFL players and that both were also aware of Curry's past criminal record. Bolar said he did not have any type of relationship with Curry.

And then Bolar throws Jerry Gray under the bus:
Curry said he had McGee's written authorization to make the investments. Bolar said he was unaware of the player's financial dealings. He also said it was Gray that introduced McGee to Curry.
Curry and Bolar both consider the lawsuit a joke which, if true, would absolve Gray of any guilt in the matter. What isn't said here is why Jerry Gray would benefit from keeping secret information about the financial advisor (Curry) when he introduced them. Additionally:
Sampson said Gray took special interest in urging McGee to keep Bolar as his agent, at one point pulling McGee out of a team meeting during the 2005 season to caution him against firing Bolar. On another occasion, Gray had already been hired by the Redskins when he called McGee advising him not to hire Raccuia, Sampson said.
So let's clear this whole thing up. Sampson is the lawyer for McGee, has listed Gray (Redskins Coach), Bolar (McGee's former agent), and Curry (McGee's former financial advisor) in a lawsuit. Bolar denies having a relationship with Curry, Curry calls the entire thing laughable, and Gray is unavailable for comment. Sampson alleges that Gray encouraged McGee to keep Bolar as his agent, a fact that wouldn't be at all interesting or actionable if Bolar is telling the truth about his (lack of a) relationship with Curry.

Without comment from Gray I'm still in the dark, and I can't help but remain skeptical as there wasn't even an insinuation of why Jerry Gray had a vested interest in Bolar as agent or Curry as Financial Advisor. I'd like to at least hear some allegations of Gray getting paid off or having a financial stake in tricking McGee, because otherwise the story, of Gray, merely alleges bad advise.

I will keep you posted as/if this develops.