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You... you complete me (Big Blue View). And I just...

And then you're supposed to say -- Shut up, just shut up. You had me at "hello".

I'm pretty sure I can get my SBN Blogging rights revoked for quoting Jerry Maquire, especially that part. But I felt it was appropriate now that the NFC East is finally complete on this great network I call home. Please Welcome Big Blue View...

You call this a logo? Pffft, whatever.

And the trash talking commences. I take cheap shots at Blog mascots because that's all I've got.

Anyways, ETVal will be taking over NY (Football) Giants blogging for the network and I strongly encourage you all to head over to Big Blue View and tell him what you think of that particular team. He hails originally from Valentine's Views On Sports which, by all indications, is a quality sports blog.

The NFC East is now the 2nd division to be fully represented on SBN and that's wonderful news for us. Bleeding Green Nation and Blogging the Boys are both quality blogs that provide me with regular content and discussion. Our fold is now complete so that we can engage in comprehensive debate over NFC minutiae. Or, failing in that, we can call each other naughty names and insist despite evidence that our players are not only the best in the division, but in the History of Mankind. Should be a blast.