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Santana Moss has a website

Hat Tip: Extreme Skins.

And it has the best Intro Video Ever. Go watch it and then come back. Here is why this video is awesome:

  1. Creepy Super Metroid-esque music.
  2. Combine 1. with seizure-causing briefly flashed images of Saint Moss.
  3. Faux humility quotes from Santana Moss (come on dude, you know how awesome you are).
  4. Personally calls out member of the Dallas Cowboys. Take that Aaron Ross.
  5. Man with Burgundy turban (look for it!).
  6. Allegations that Moss sleeps with Footballs.
  7. Picture of Santana Moss' mom when he was a kid... and she's kind of sort of hot.
Anyways, nothing I say will honestly express the awesomeness of the video more than watching it. Go view for yourself. He gives a great account of beating Aaron Ross deep which gave me goosebumps. I'll probably spend the rest of the afternoon memorizing everything on the site and writing a report on it to be turned into myself, because I am obsessed with Santana Moss.

Working site features:
Most Importantly, The Santana Moss Foundation:

It is very important to Santana to be an inspiration to people, especially our children. He wishes to positively touch the lives of others by inspiring them to believe that we all deserve to dream and set goals. Santana was fortunate in his life to have special people, who took the trouble and time to encourage him to be the best that he could be. It is this most precious gift that he desires to pass on to other young children, who may need someone in their lives helping them to believe in their potential. If we are to make our great nation strong, we must start by giving back to our communities by encouragingly touching the lives of individuals.

Santana plans to seek and embark on creative ventures to inspire and motivate America's most valuable asset: our young children.

If I hadn't made it crystal clear, I have enormous respect for NFL players who give back to the community as they are in a unique position to use their exceptional talents to make the world a better place. As many fail to do so, it speaks to the greatness of the ones that contribute. Art Monk has the Good Samaritan Foundation, whereas #28 has the Darrell Green Youth Life Foundation. Add the Santana Moss Foundation.