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Open Thread and My Final Word: Art Monk to HoF

Tomorrow at 2PM Eastern we will know if Art Monk and/or Russ Grimm make the Hall of Fame. I hope they both get in, for Washington Redskins' sake. I hope Art Monk gets in, for Canton's sake.

I've argued. extensively. for Art Monk's Hall of Fame bid. Most convincing is the brilliant video-case for Monk -- a must watch for Redskins fans.

AOL Fanhouse issued their official position through Michael David Smith -- who is an intelligent, thoughtful person despite being absolutely wrong about this. They say: NO. We say: YES.

I responded breifly in the comments but rather than expatiating an already lengthy discourse, I think it's best to let the results speak for themselves. And we'll get them in just under 24 hours.

Good luck to Art Monk and Russ Grimm.