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Interesting Troy Vincent Quote

I ran across this interesting New York Times article about retired players requesting more pensions. Go read the article first (it is not too lengthy). Here's the part that raised my eyebrow:

Troy Vincent, president of the players association, said he had empathy for former players, but said that some players had grown weary of hearing complaints.

"On the opposite sideline, I'm getting up and going back to the huddle, and I have a coach that's a retired player, `Hey, Troy, when you going to increase the benefits?' " said Vincent, a defensive back with the Washington Redskins. "At practice, you're at the airport, everywhere. Every conversation with the retired player is strictly about economics. At some point you just go, I've had enough, I don't walk to talk about it anymore.

"We are really making every effort to bridge the gap. Let's develop a relationship first. You're a Hall of Famer, tell me what I can do to improve my game, not just belittle me about what we're not doing as an association."

I don't know if he's just using football metaphors here or if he literally means "on the other sideline" but I'm assuming the latter. I always imagined opposing teams/coaches saying something inflammatory towards our players when they take a hit on the sideline. Certainly I would expect something more acerbic than bemoaning retirement benefits. "That's right Troy, you better stay down! Just like pension benefits for former players, bitch."

Post your own thoughts/interpretations/opinions below.