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We lost a Coach: Coy Gibbs to Motocross

I read it someplace else but I forgot where, so Covering the Redskins gets the scoop:

Redskins quality control coach/offense Coy Gibbs will be leaving the organization to run a motocross team that will initially be run under the Joe Gibbs racing umbrella...

My understanding was that one of many reasons St. Joe took the job was to get his son Coy involved in the NFL. In that context the move makes little sense, though perhaps my facts are not in order.

I suppose that, like many fans, I'm not all that clear on what a "Quality Control" Coach does. I always thought that they were in charge of keeping players off the field, a not-so daunting task. However, per this Vic Carucci piece (forgive its datedness; in the article's world, Jon Gruden is coaching the Raiders, Mike Martz is coaching the Rams, and Steve Mariucci is coaching) there's more to it:

Quality control coaches are exposed to a broader view of the game than most of their colleagues who tutor specific positions. Quality control assistants, in assembling self-scouting and opponent scouting reports, must study the game from almost every perspective, a vantage point usually reserved for head coaches.

They need a thorough understanding of formations, routes, blocking schemes, fronts, coverages, blitzes, personnel groupings, and the many variations and adjustments therein. They also need to be able to put together clear, concise printed summaries that can be readily understood by the head coach and coordinators. In other words, they need to be able to convey a lot of information to a diverse group in a short period of time-much like head coaches. Quality control coaches also are expected to deliver on a deadline, making information available quickly enough that it can be used while preparing the next game plan.

Perhaps a thankless position because I don't really know if Coy Gibbs was all that good/bad at his job. He has the pedigree but not the interest. Frankly, if one of our coach's heart is in other pursuits, I'd rather he pursue them than Football.

Best of luck to Coy Gibbs in Motocross and Hogs Haven will keep you abreast of any new coaching changes that result from his departure.

Official Team Site: Coy Gibbs