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Norv Turner will Coach the San Diego Chargers. Sorry guys.


Norv Turner got his third shot at an NFL head coaching job when he was hired Monday by the San Diego Chargers, a week after the surprise firing of Marty Schottenheimer.
I only mention this here because, as many of you unfortunately know, we endured the pain of Normal Norval for nearly 7 seasons.

Maybe because I'm still bitter about his failed stint in Washington, but I spent a good time harping on Norv over at Blogging the Boys when it seemed as if Dallas might choose him as Head Coach (I wish!). For instance, did you know:

Offenses under Post-Cowboys Turner

Redskins HC:

1994 - 19th
1995 - 16th
1996 - 16th
1997 - 19th
1998 - 12th
1999 - 2nd

San Diego OC:

2001 - 15th

Miami OC:

2002 - 15th
2003 - 24th

Raiders HC:

2004 - 20th
2005 - 21st

San Fran OC:

2006 - 26th

From above, Norv Turner offenses finished the season ranked 17th, on average.

See for yourself. The Redskins went 49-59-1 when he was here. 3-8 against the Cowgirls.

I don't know why 58-82-1 buys you a third opportunity, but whatever. Best of luck to the Chargers. You'll need it.