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What would you give for Dre Bly?

Not sure on the source, but is alleging that the Washington Redskins are interested in the Detroit Lions' Dre Bly, who has just been given permission by the team to seek trade.

Detroit has given permission to one of its few good players -- cornerback Dre Bly -- to seek a trade.

Bly, 29, isn't among the elite corners in the league, but he's in that next group and should draw plenty of interest in a league where you never have enough good cornerbacks.

Expect Washington, as always, to be interested. And the Giants might want to pick up the phone, as well.

This might just be the obligatory "the Redskins are always interested" bla bla bla filler, but who knows? I've heard Dre Bly (and picks, etc.) for Clinton Portis rumors at Extreme Skins, though have never attached any significance to those rumors whatsoever. Now it is suggested in print, though a total lack of details keeps me skeptical.

Let's get over the particulars: Per Ian Whetstone, Dre Bly carries a 4.2M base salary heading into 2007 but is a free agent beyond that. A trade would involve a contract extension and he won't get paid less than his current salary at 29 years of age. The Redskins lack draft picks so I'm not even sure what they could offer of value for Bly.

My position is that this trade is bubkes, though more detailed and credible suggestions could easily change my mind. Reader(s): What, if anything, would you give up for Dre Bly and his contract?