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Asante Samuels and Nate Clements Watch

Or should I say, former watch for Asante Samuels as he was recently franchised by the New England Patriots:

The New England Patriots designated Asante Samuel as their franchise player in a move that would keep the cornerback with the team for at least one more season.
The obvious implication for the Redskins is that Samuels, whom many fans had targeted as must-have free agency acquisition, will not be joining us. Perhaps that's best.

So does that mean Clements becomes a marked man in Washington by default? Perhaps, and even moreso now that the Bills are clearly going to let him walk:

The Buffalo Bills will maintain a modest approach to free agency this offseason, all but eliminating their chances of re-signing star cornerback Nate Clements.

Following meetings with team owner Ralph Wilson earlier this week, general manager Marv Levy said that the Bills have budgeted about $30 million to spend on acquiring players when the NFL's free agency period opens March 2.

And the $30 million is of course prohibitively expensive for a player that will demand 20M in signing bonuses alone. Given the Buffalo Bills intriguing approach to Free Agency spending, he's a goner: (emphasis added)
The Bills, Levy explained, arrived at their budget by taking a different approach than other teams. They used the NFL salary cap -- projected to be $109 million this year -- as a ceiling.

Under league rules, teams are allowed to spread guaranteed signing bonuses over the duration of a contract to reduce the cap hit. The Bills, however, count bonuses as dollars spent for that season no matter the contract's length.

"I don't think we're going to, quote, 'mortgage the future,' type of thing," Levy said. "That's the decision that was made."

Meaning Nate Clements will end up with a team that does mortgage its future. Question: What do the Buffalo Bills know about Nate Clements that the rest of the league doesn't?