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Welcome to Buc Em and Etc.

First and foremost, Hogs Haven extends a hungover welcome to Buc Em, our new Tampa Bay Bucs blog:

This is a worthy foe, dude.

In case you didn't notice, I'm trying to create a Bucs/Redskins rivalry. Should be interesting.

And this crazy thing we call SportsBlog Nation just keeps growing and growing. We also picked up a UFC/Fighting Blog which you can locate at Bloody Elbow. In fact we've changed the entire "Boxing" heading -- to more accurately represent the newcomer -- to "Fighting". This oozes coolness.

As regards this site, I want to apologize for my weekend absence which is becoming a bit of a tradition here. With that in mind, I want to entreat readers to post early-and-often their own Redskins (or not, I don't really care what you post) related thoughts in the Diaries section. You'll notice that over the course of any given weekend I peruse the site but rarely post much content. This is because I'm usually drunk. But I do visit here periodically in my stupor, and if you guys put up some especially insightful diaries over the weekend, I would be more than happy to promote them to the front page so that Hogs Haven could grow into a 24/7 affair. Really what I'm saying is that Skin Patrol needs help providing content for this site, as my fingers are withered down to nubs from constant postings.

I don't want this to be One Guy's Redskins Site. This is ultimately about building a community, and my content isn't even all that interesting. I have absolutely no special knowledge, insight, or access on Your Washington Redskins. I'm just a fan that happens to have a website. Getting readers involved in discussing the Redskins (or whatever, really) is the ultimate purpose of this site. If you haven't already, go register. Be a part of Hogs Haven, please, I'm begging you.

Enough shameless groveling. I'll be back in the saddle tomorrow and hopefully next week will bring us two very exciting pieces I've got lined up but not really. They might both fall through, but if they don't I think it is really going to be something reader(s) might enjoy. Hopefully I can have both up by Friday. Or at all. We'll see.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and HTTR.

Cheers, etc.