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John Clayton: Redskins may shock everyone by being smart in Free Agency

Hat Tip: Extreme Skins.

Now I don't necessarily believe it (my Too-good-to-be-true-Detector went off), but John Clayton thinks Dan Snyder and the Redskins are ready for a new approach.

7. Different approach for Redskins' Snyder? Even though this would be Dan Snyder's type of market, watch for a change in the Redskins' strategy. Snyder and Joe Gibbs are starting to realize the dangers of free agency. Wide receiver Brandon Lloyd and safety Adam Archuleta didn't work out last year. Plus, it's becoming harder and harder to get players in the restricted free agency market. The Redskins will be shopping their first-round pick at the combine with the idea of moving down and getting more draft picks. They will dabble in free agency but not as aggressively as in the past.
This would be absotively posilutely an incredible and encouraging turnaround for Your Washington Redskins. At the very least, a changed approach proves that our team has recognized the err of its ways as opposed to foolishly repeating the same mistakes every few years. Let other teams bid excessively on the Asante Samuels and Nate Clements. We need to get cheaper players and Coach them up.

Most exciting is the possibility of trading for draft picks, which would signal a total philosophical shift for this front office. As I've said before, the 31st ranked defense isn't one player away from redemption; we need help to the tune of 3-4 contributing players. Depth can be bolstered in Free Agency, but starters need to be developed out of Day 1 draft picks. We have one, but should our spot become coveted we can easily parlay that into 2 or even 3 day-one picks.

All of this is speculative so I don't want to get hopes up. But I'm excited about this prospect. Time will tell.

Reader(s), if John Clayton has it right, good news or bad news?