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Official Site breaks down the Mock Drafts

Half of me brings this to your attention because I feel my reader(s) might still be interested in the hundreds of Mock Draft predictions floating out on the Intertubewebnets. The other half of me just wants to applaud Gary Fitzgerald for his lighter though well-written Mock Draft Expose at the Official Site. I often times find myself glazing over the Analysis at because it is cheerleaderish and I can just read my own horribly written garbage -- which is twice as cheerleaderish and unedited. However, that might change as I've noticed a marked improvement in both the writing generally and the now present attitude/wit. It all sounds a bit more Bloggish to me, and I like that. But don't take my word for it; go see for yourself.

In any event, no big surprises. The only three players anyone thinks we'll draft are Gaines Adams or else Alan Branch or else Jamaal Anderson. Some boards have Adams ahead of Anderson, some boards have Anderson ahead of Adams, some boards have us taking whichever of these three remain at #6, etc. As far as I can tell Michigan CB Leon Hall is the only other person who even gets mentioned, those he's a stretch at #6.

Fitzgerald earns brownie points for his cynical take on Mock Draft "experts", a sentiment I find persuasive. For instance (emphasis all mine):

-- Yahoo! Sports
Pick 6: Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson comment: Yahoo's John Murphy says Adam is "not a complete player." Why draft someone at No. 6 overall who is not a complete player? Anyway, the Redskins are in need of a pass rush and Adams is a 6-5, 265-pounder who had 9.5 sacks in 2005 and 12 sacks last season.
That's a damn fine question.
Pick 6: Alan Branch, DT, Michigan comment: The "experts" at this site claim the Redskins would actually prefer to draft Gaines Adams. I believe Redskins college scouts would hang up the telephone if someone from a web site called "" called up and asked about the team's preferred draft prospects.
Pick 6: Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas comment: Draft Daddy is back. They have devoted "thousands of hours of time to breaking down game film and traveling to postseason all-star games." And yet, they pretty much came to the same conclusion as everyone else: the Redskins need to draft a defensive lineman.
Pick 6: Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas comment: Ever wonder if some of the "experts" who run these kinds of draft sites just regurgitate what they read from Mel Kiper and other draft guides?
Reader(s), do you ever get the feeling that Draft Experts are just self-referential? I don't really know enough about all 100+ College Football Programs to make an honest evaluation of the talent; and I admit that. I base my predictions off of the various Mock Drafts, but for all I know they are all basing their own commentary off other Mock Drafts. Or else we're all just repeating what Mel Kiper says.

At least Hogs Haven reader(s) cannot be accused of lacking Mock Draft creativity. You took the road less traveled and voted to Trade Down.