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Schottenheimer out for Chargers, Andy Reid on break

Wow, big news for the Chargers. Hat Tip: TexSkins.

Former Redskins Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer was fired by the Chargers' Presidente. I guess 14-2 just isn't good enough, I'll eat my crow. I do think the standard coaches are now held to has reached absolutely insane proportions, as the winningest regular season team isn't even safe from massive attrition. I hope he finds work elsewhere.

Spanos said the exodus from Schottenheimer's staff -- two coordinators became NFL head coaches and two assistants became coordinators -- contributed to a difficult situation that resulted in the coach being fired. Schottenheimer is due more than $3 million for the final year on his contract.

While confirming he had no working relationship with general manager A.J. Smith, Schottenheimer seemed puzzled that Spanos made the coach take the fall for his assistants leaving.

"That is absolutely unfair, in my view," Schottenheimer told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. "We had no control over two guys who became head coaches in this league. We gave two guys an opportunity to be coordinators in this league. We've added a couple of guys that people should be very pleased with. The future coach will be very pleased, as well."

Well this should be fun to watch. The Chargers are in the coach-search game far too late to make a knockout hire. If I were them I would focus on developing Phillip Rivers and just let LT be LT. They won't win 14 games next year, but I could potentially see a team that talented win 10 games, even with a new staff.

I forgot to mention yesterday, but Andy Reid is taking a break to deal with personal matters pertaining to his children. I'm going to refrain from cheap shots at his kids for now and wish him well. Take as much time as you need, Andy. Forever even. Bleeding Green's take:

This move is not unexpected and completely understandable. Family is more important than football and it's only right that Andy take the time he needs to tend to his family right now.

As far as what happens to the team now... Free agency is 3 weeks away and the draft is over a month away. That means Andy will not be with the organization when free agency kicks off. He'll also miss alot of draft preparation. I would think that those responsibilities will fall to Tom Heckert. It'll be very interesting to see if the Joe Banner addresses this. Someone has to be at the reigns during the most important time of the offseason, hopefully that's Heckert.

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