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Renaldo Wynn and (perhaps) Phillip Daniels Redskins no more?

Last week I was dismissive of a rumor that Phillip Daniels would eventually be cut. My reasoning was that cutting Daniels would only save the team 300k in 2007 space. After more tedious review, here are the numbers I get from PC:

2007 Total Salary: 3.1M
Remaining Bonus: 1.2M in Signing, 1.6M in nebulous "Other Bonuses". 1.2M + 1.6M = 2.8M, thus we only save 300k if we cut him before June 1st. If we cut him after, we save 1.7M in 2007 but take a 1.4M hit in 2008.

Looking back I realize that all of this is contingent on those "Other Bonuses". If they are unguaranteed bonuses, then we would actually save a fairly hefty sum in cutting Phillip Daniels. 3.1M-1.2M=1.9M in 2007 savings. That's enough money to give one pause.

Jason La Canfora casts additional doubt on Daniels'/Wynn's future (the post also covers Lavar Arrington and his unlikely return to the Redskins, so go read it):

From what I have heard, Skins have not approached Daniels or Wynn about a restructuring to this point. Not entirely sure what to make of that, although my gut reaction is that it might not bode well for them surviving March cuts. Again, just a guess there.
For Renaldo Wynn I think it is a no brainer. He's currently a backup DE (behind Andre Carter) on a unit that needs improvement. The draft will likely supply a pass rushing Defensive End, which will push Renaldo Wynn completely out of the rotation. He's also set to make more in 2007 than either Phillip Daniels, Andre Carter, or Demetric Evans (more than the latter two combined, incidentally). The team could save 2.5M by cutting him and will likely do so.

Daniels is another matter, and I still remain confident that he has a place on this team. Even if the key "Other Bonuses" mentioned above are unguaranteed, 1.7M isn't a huge saving for a potential starter or, at the very least, a guy who will get in the rotation every Sunday. We know that Gregg Williams doesn't like plugging rookies into starting roles immediately, so even if we do draft a Defensive End then he'll have to play behind someone, briefly. If that person is Andre Carter, than Daniels retains his starting job on the other End. And I just don't think Demetric Evans has yet earned Phillip Daniels' job. Additionally, Daniels could play a key leadership role in a rookie's development; afterall, he is the elder statesman on the line (he turns 34 next month).

I'll keep a close eye on this. Reader(s), who should stay and who should go, if anyone? Can I get a Renaldo Wynn supporter? Does anyone care about keeping Phillip Daniels besides me?