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Sean Taylor is half man, half beast

Hat Tip: Extreme Skins.

I guess this is becoming a sort of impromptu Sean Taylor week, as he's the most talked about Redskin after his Pro Bowl hit on Punter Brian Moorman. I feel bad celebrating a (perhaps) excessive and violent hit in the Pro Bowl, but it was that awesome. Also, I'm going to start a Brian Moorman fan club. After the hit he trotted out to midfield to congratulate Sean Taylor. I want to congratulate him merely for being alive after the hit.

(Hogs Haven Aside: Did you know a Punter came in 3rd in the Pro Bowl Skills Challenge Obstacle course? A punter. That guy rules.)

But back to Sean Taylor (emphasis mine):

Props to Moorman for popping back up and even congratulating Taylor on the hit. But most of the props must go to Taylor himself for managing to do the impossible -- make the Pro Bowl compelling, even for a few seconds.

So for becoming possessed with the spirit of Jack Tatum and for making the Pro Bowl somehow tolerable, we call Sean Taylor the Man for this week.

Yeah, Taylor's been doling out the punishment for years. That's why his 'Skins teammates have nicknamed him "Meast" -- which is drawn from the incontrovertible fact that Taylor is half man, half beast.
Nothing new to Redskins fans. But now the world knows.
Taylor will continue dishing out the vigilante justice, and he and uber-annoying agent Drew Rosenhaus will continue agitating for a new contract. But no matter what happens, we'll always be fond of Taylor for a certain act of senseless violence in the Pro Bowl.

Viva la senseless acts of violence in the Pro Bowl! Viva la Sean Taylor!

Alright, full disclosure: I don't feel bad celebrating violence.