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Adam Archuleta, Da Bears, and a "New Rule"

Readers I need your help, as I cannot make heads or tails of this. Chicago Sports reports an interesting fact about Adam Archuleta, a player who was sought by the Bears before we snagged him for a hefty price.

After what he went through last season in Washington, Archuleta may be willing to pay his way [to Chicago].

The Redskins outbid the Bears and a phone-calling, lobbying Lovie Smith with a six-year deal worth $30 million, including $10 million guaranteed.

It was a disaster.

Archuleta, one of Smith's favorites when the two were together in St. Louis, claimed in December he was lied to by Washington coaches. He played perhaps 10 snaps on defense over the last half of the season and is likely to be cut March 1.

A new rule allows Archuleta to hit the market at the outset of free agency, the Redskins to be rid of early what became a ridiculously expensive fourth-string safety and the Bears to move quickly as Angelo has done in the past on signing targets.

The "disaster" part is all too familiar to Redskins fans, but perhaps the bigger, looming disaster is Archuleta's massive contract. I was under the impression that Archuleta was uncuttable. But now I'm informed of some "New Rule" that might allow us to get out of his contract?

Is anyone familiar with this "New Rule"?