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Washington Redskins Free Agents

Per THN's Team Needs: Washington Redskins:

Exclusive Rights Free Agents:
DT Ryan Boschetti
P Derrick Frost
DT Vaka Manupuna
OT Jim Molinaro
FB Manuel White Jr.

Un-Restricted Free Agents:
OG Derrick Dockery
S Vernon Fox
LB Warrick Holdman
CB Ade Jimoh
LB Jeff Posey
OL Mike Pucillo
OL Todd Wade
CB Kenny Wright
TE Todd Yoder

DT Ryan Boschetti -- Depends on what happens in the draft and with Big Joe Salave'a. Boschetti is a backup, and with the emergence of Kedric Golston and Anthony Montgomery, he's falling lower on the depth charts. If we keep Big Joe, or else draft a DT (Alan Branch?), then Boschetti would remain the fifth guy on the chart. If we keep Joe and draft a DT, it could be curtains for Ryan.

P Derrick Frost -- I say resign him. He's cheap and shouldn't fetch a large sum in a new contract. Not the greatest punter, but played significantly better through the 2nd half of the season. If we couldn't find a reason to bench him after the way he played to open 2006, then we're married to him. I'm ok with that.

DT Vaka Manupuna -- Practice squad or else cut, as he's behind Boschetti.

OT Jim Molinaro -- Versatile, youngish linemen who can play guard or tackle. Played in our 2nd Philly game last year and I didn't remember him screwing up too badly (correct me if wrong). Won't fetch a high salary and is worth keeping around.

FB Manuel White Jr. -- 4th round pick in 2004 has spent the last two years on Injury Reserve. With TJ Duckett leaving town, he could have a shot at backing up Mike Sellers.

OG Derrick Dockery -- Starter, I say we get him signed ASAP. He will cost some money, but I value continuity on an offensive line. There is no reason to disrupt this unit (which was a rare positive in an otherwise disappointing year).

S Vernon Fox -- With Priolieu back, Fox becomes the 6th man at a crowded safety position, especially with the Redskins thinking of putting Springs at safety. I don't know if Fox is behind Troy Vincent is behind Adam Archuleta, but the latter is uncuttable. Do we keep 6 safeties? Perhaps 7 with Springs? I doubt it. Fox walks, Troy Vincent is cut, or else Reed Doughty is cut. I think Fox is the convenient send-off, given his free agency.

LB Warrick Holdman -- Most fans say cut him loose as he's drawn their ire for his poor performance as a starter. To that end, I agree, Holdman is not a reliable starter. But he did play the year for the Veteran minimum and thus cost us little. A backup job perhaps awaits him, but only at the league minimum. He will probably earn more on the open market than we're willing to pay him as a backup, and it is time for Rocky McIntosh to take the starting job. If Holdman will play for peanuts, I say keep him. Also depends on whether we draft a linebacker, as an MLB would allow Khary Campbell to backup on the weak side. It's kind of a strange situation that I haven't fully wrapped my head around. Reader(s) input would be appreciated.

CB Ade Jimoh -- Special Teams contributor on a secondary that has an injury risk Shawn Springs and is short on personnel. We'll be drafting a CB, but Jimoh still likely has a place on the team.

LB Jeff Posey -- He's like a Warrick Holdman that won't demand a higher price. Teams haven't seen enough of him to value him higher than what we'd put him at, meaning he should be easy to retain. If Holdman is gone than we need Posey, or else we'll have to dip into Free Agency elsewhere for Linebacker depth.

OL Mike Pucillo -- Another versatile linemen that can play Guard or Center. Immediate backup to Casey Rabach, which means he'll be retained, or should be.

OL Todd Wade -- We've lost him.

CB Kenny Wright -- See Ade Jimoh. He was scapegoated for our poor secondary but likely never should have been a starter. Plays for league minimum and won't demand much from free agency. Decent backup that knows the defense. Keep but don't rely on him as a starter. Or not. I'm ambivalent.

TE Todd Yoder -- He's our backup TE with more touchdowns than Brandon Lloyd (1)! Should keep even if don't cut Christian Fauria. Update [2007-2-12 16:49:17 by Skin Patrol]: Official Site examines the Tight End situation.

Did I miss anything?