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Another new blog?

The Houston Texans are a popular whipping boy for some NFL fans. I can remember many instances of someone saying "At least we aren't the Texans" or "Did you see the Texans this weekend" or, more specifically "Those dumb Texans didn't draft Vince Young" etc. (by the way, they did draft AP Defensive Player of the Year DeMeco Ryans in the 2nd round; that must be nice. To have a 2nd round draft pick, I mean).

And I'm as guilty as anyone. Frequently this year I've consoled myself with precisely such utterances leveled towards Arizona or Houston or Detroit. We might be bad, but we aren't that bad, right? In unrelated news the Houston Texans have the 8th pick in the draft and we have the 6th.

Anyways, warm welcome to Battle Red Blog, SportsBlog Nation's newest member covering the Houston Texans.

I'd make some comment about the weakness of this mascot except I'm in mourning.