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OSU vs. LSU? That's Mighty White of You

We at the Inquirer like to stick with what we know best. Most of the time it consists of waxing poetic about our favorite local teams, trying to crack jokes at the expense of today's athletes, and trying to make sense out of those occurrences in life that will never make sense (Sean Taylor). College football is way down the list of our personal areas of expertise, so when I was trying to make sense out of the BCS announcements the other night, I just figured it was me who didn't know enough to understand the whole debacle of a questionable Ohio State team playing a two-loss LSU team for the national championship. But as I looked into the mirror, I noticed something...a white guy! Of course! I'm white!

Perhaps my whiteness could be tapped to help explain the BCS atrocity. After all, old, white guys have been doing dumb things for centuries. Could this just be the latest in a long string of absolutely unacceptable creations of rich white dudes?
Maybe in this day and age, it would be naive to think every bowl committee chairperson is an old white dude. But I bet most of them are. I bet most of them are old and white. And RICH. There is simply too much money for them to keep making if there is a switch to a more modern, more fair, smarter, more popular, more logical, more definitive, BETTER system. I'm not suggesting they are racist. I am suggesting they are dumb. And old. And white. And RICH. And that is something I can relate to.

Man would I love to be an old, rich, white dude. Middle class whiteness is nothing to sneeze at, but upper crust rich whiteness is like taking a time machine back to feudalism and lording over serfs. Coincidentally, this must have been when they came up with the current BCS system. Because it has no business in this era.

Listen, the SEC is the best conference in college football. Top to bottom, they are the best group of teams in the land. They beat each other up all season and the best team out of that conference has at least a very good argument to play in the national championship game this season. But Ohio State? The Big Ten sucked this year. You're telling me Hawaii couldn't beat those guys on a neutral field? Colt Brennan is statistically the greatest QB in the history of college football. And his undefeated team sits at #10? That is a joke. The WAC is a weak conference? I wonder if Oklahoma would agree after last year's best college football game of the season saw them lose to Boise State. We just saw a season-long commercial of why there should be a playoff system to determine the national champion. Too bad a bunch of rich white dudes were too busy counting their money to see it.

Shouldn't there be a change in this thing just so we can get some different schools playing for the big one, or at least getting the chance? It is always the same old re-treads. LSU and Ohio State are like the Bush's and Clinton's. Is there no end to how many times we can put these people in position for the top spot?

Going back to the OU/Boise State game, that was arguably one of the top 3 games of all time. The truth is, how many great games and upsets have we missed because the little guys who started out so low in the rankings never have a chance to finish in the top 6? The playoffs are needed. My other gripe is that there is a full month between when the season ends and when the bowl games start. It's retarded. OK, I know students have finals and what not, but come on, this really is a business. Hawaii somehow needs to be given a chance. Don't ask me how many teams should be in the playoffs, I don't know. At least 4, but probably 6 where the top 2 teams gets BYEs the first week. But that leads to the next problem, Hawaii is only ranked #10 now so they'd still be out of it, right?! Yep, I told you this system is retarded.

And lets be honest. If Notre Dame only had 2 or even 3 losses this year, they'd be playing for the National Title. It's like a high school most popular girl contest. As George Costanza so eloquently said, (and I'm applying the BCS to it)..."This thing is like an onion: the more layers you peel, the more it stinks!"